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IZIP E3 Path+ Low Step
$1,499.00 $2,699.99 44% Savings
Please come on down and test ride the Shimano StePS center drive system on the E3 Path+. It is incredibly powerful and climbs better than most 500W hub drive systems but the low drawing 250W center drive motor allows this bike amazing range (rated at 30 - 50 miles per charge). We didn't think this bike would cut the mustard in the USA with it's 250W center drive motor but when we road it at Sea Otter this year we were shocked at it's climbing ability. It climbed the steepest hill there as well as the 350W center drive bikes we tested. If your commute or rides are over 25 miles, this might be the bike for you! Hop on IZIP's E3 Path+ and ride to work, cruise downtown, or run to the store with style and ease. It offers the performance and adaptability of an urban bike, as well as the classic European style and comfort of a recreational bike. It’s weather-capable and night adaptable, so it can handle anything that’s thrown your way. The aluminum frame and fork are ride-everyday durable, Shimano delivers with a 9-speed drivetrain and disc brakes, and a rear rack provides cargo capacity, while a pair of fenders keep you dry while you're out and about. With this sweet e-bike, you'll ride farther and faster, have more fun, help the environment, and save gas money the whole time! The IZIP E3 Path+ is available in both low step and diamond frames.

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