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Focus Jarifa Impulse 27R 3.0 DEMO
$1,999.00 $3,399.00 41% Savings
Low mileage DEMO - 1 Only! Now that it is featured in the FOCUS sports E-Bikes, the Impulse drive is taking to the trails. Since the demands of off-road are different to city cycling, one of the functions that were added to the set-up of the Impulse 2.0 Off-Road drive is "Climb Assist".But not only has the motor tuning been optimized for trails, the frame construction and in particular the integration of the motor unit in the frame were designed by the FOCUS engineers in line with the special requirements of mountain biking. The result is the Impulse Off-Road. Inside the triangle for greater protection Many e-mountain bikes with a center motor do not provide adequate protection for the motor unit when off-road. Not so with FOCUS bikes: because FOCUS has control over drive and frame development, the engineers can simply rotate the Impulse drive and securely mount it inside the frame triangle with four screws. This gives the frame optimal ground clearance and protects the motor against impacts from below. This model has shift sensor technology which detects when you are shifting and cuts the motor out for a fraction of a second for smooth shifting. The climb assist tailors how quickly the motor engages was power is supplied to the pedals. Both these functions are fully adjustable through our computer interface to fully customize the bike to your preferences.

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