BodyFloat Aluminum Seat Isolation System

BodyFloat Aluminum Seat Isolation System
  • Size: 31.6x350 Purple 100-150lbs
  • Size: 31.6x350 Black 150-200lbs
  • Size: 31.6x350 Orange 200-250lbs
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Bodyfloat is simply the most effective system ever designed to isolate your body from vibrations caused by terrain as well as pedal induced bounce. By allowing you to stay in the saddle in a variety of conditions BodyFloat increases traction and control to improve performance while reducing fatigue and improving comfort.

With a lightweight, durable, aluminum post- BodyFloat™ more effectively isolates your body from road & trail vibrations & minor impacts. This isolation improves comfort, control, performance, & provides a better connection to your bike, while reducing pain & fatigue.

CNC machined from high strength aluminum alloys, Interchangeable springs, Adjustable pre-load

Available for 27.2mm and 31.6mm seat posts, these seat post replace the original seat post on your bike for added, adjustable comfort and control. In the Netherlands when they talk about rear suspension, they are referring to seat suspension. The BodyFloat elevates "rear suspension" to a new level. Models available for riders 100lbs - 250lbs.

I have been riding my BODYFLOAT for one year now and will never ride a road or gravel bike again without one. The product connects me to the road in a manner that increases my confidence, especially on descents. Rather (than) bouncing at speed over bumps and divots, the BODYFLOAT keeps my rear wheel glued to the ground.
In group rides, I used to finish last on the descents. Now I finish first or second – and without fear. The BODYFLOAT also gives me an endurance edge on long distance training rides and races. Less of my energy is used lifting my body off the saddle (for rail crossing tracks and small holes) and more of my energy is transferred through the crank to the wheels and into the ground.
I love your product! Thank you for bringing it to the marketplace.
Mark R.


The BodyFloat Story

BodyFloat's Charlie Heggem tells the BodyFoat story.

BodyFloat Installation

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Part Numbers

Option Store SKU
27.2x350 Purple 100-150lbs BF2.0-27.2-350PP
27.2x350 Blach 150-200lbs BF2.0-27.2-350BK
27.2x350 Orange 200-250lbs BF2.0-27.2-350OR
31.6x350 Purple 100-150lbs BF2.0-31.6-350PP
31.6x350 Black 150-200lbs BF2.0-31.6-350OR
31.6x350 Orange 200-250lbs BF2.0-31.6-350OR
31.6x400 Purple 100-150lbs BF2.0-31.6-400PP
31.6x400 Black 150-200lbs BF2.0-31.6-400BK
31.6x400 Orange 200-250lbs BF2.0-31.6-400OR