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Yuba Accessories

Below are Yuba accessories available through Winchester eBikes. You can also check out the Yuba page here for a complete listing.

Yuba Lock Pin
$18.95 $20.00 5% Savings
Lock Pin for the Spicy Currie
Yuba Flip Flop Front Basket
$27.50 $29.00 5% Savings
Front basket for the Yuba Flip Flop childrens cargo bike.
Yuba HDPE Utility Deck
$37.95 $40.00 5% Savings
Utility deck for the Spicy Curry
Yuba Passenger Ring
$56.95 $59.90 5% Savings
Yuba's Ring gives your passengers a safe, comfortable handhold as you cruise the streets looking for adventure. This aluminum accessory mounts to the rails of the passenger seat on Yuba's Boda Boda cargo bicycle.
Yuba Hold On
$64.95 $69.90 7% Savings
Yuba's Hold On gives your traveling companion a sure grip when you're riding about town. This stem/handlebar combo attaches to the seatpost of Yuba Mundo's cargo bikes so they'll feel like they're on a bicycle built for two even if they can't help out with the pedaling.
Yuba Stand Alone Kickstand
Two legs are better than one with Yuba Mundo's Stand Alone Kickstand. Its rugged construction and dual-leg design keep your ride upright and stable when it's time to load up groceries and small passengers.
Yuba Mini Monkey Bars
$139.95 $150.00 7% Savings
Mini Monkey Bars for the Spicy Currie.
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