eBike Links

eBike Links

eBike Manufacturer Sites:

IZIP eBikes: The IZIP official website with all eBike models and years including the new 2017 models. Also a great resource for comparing all years and models of IZIP eBikes.

Currie Tech Information Site: The Currie Tech website with information on IZIP models. It is often used by dealers for such information as technical service bulletins, installation guides, onboard diagnostics and error codes - just click on the bike on which you want information.

Raleigh E-Bikes: The official site for Raleigh e-bikes in the USA including the new new 2017 models.

Focus eBikes: The official USA website for Focus high performance German made and engineered mountain and road eBikes.

Kalkhoff eBikes: The official USA website for Kahlkoff, German engineered and made high performance road eBikes.

Gazelle eBikes: The official USA website for Gazelle eBikes made and manufactured in the Netherlands.

Yuba Bikes: The official website for Yuba bikes. A great resource for all Yuba bikes as well as all add-ons available for Yuba electric and conventional bikes.

e-JOE eBikes: The e-JOE official website with their folding and conventional eBikes. eBikes for the "Average Joe"

eBike Review Sites:

Electric Bike Review: The most comprehensive site on the internet for eBike reviews. Court Rye is well known in the eBike market for the quality and quantity of his eBike reviews. Also he has the best comparison program available on his site that lets anyone compare virtually all eBikes available in the USA.

Electric Bike Report: The latest news on all things related to the eBikes and the eBike industry as well as great product reviews on the latest eBikes, services and parts. The site is run by Pete Prebus and he also provides marketing support for the Electric Bike Expo which will be bringing 16 eBike companies to ten cities throughout the USA for all interested people to try out dozens of different eBikes. It will be coming to Palo Alto in April of this year and we will be on hand to help bring the joy of eBike riding to all comers.

Electric Ride Review: Court Rye’s review site on other forms of personal electric vehicles like eScooters, eMotorcycles, eSkateboards and even ePaddle Boards!

Electric Bike Action Magazine: The premier eBike magazine - click on "Shop Now" to subscribe. Available in hard and soft copy and at the APP store. See back issues at: Electric Bike Action Back Issues

eBike Books on Amazon:

A Practical Guide to Electric Bikes: A good book on eBikes by Court Rye from Electric Bike Review. $2.99

The Electric Bike Book: A good book by Jim Turner of Optibike on eBikes and eBike history. Free

Other informative sites:

  1. Fitting guide #1 - eBike frame fitting calculator
  2. Fitting guide #2   Mountain Bike frame fitting
  3. Fitting guide #3 Extensive fitting guide
  4. Park Tool Park Tool Training Videos
  5. Rear Derailleur adjustment - How to adjust the rear derailleur
  6. Chain care - Chain Lube and Clean Instructions
  7. Bike chain replacement from the BikemanforU

  8. Flat repair - How to repair a flat from Sierra Trading Post

Some fun and informative sites on eBikes:

  1. The future of urban transportation - SRAM president Stan Day’s take on the future of urban transportation
  2. Not your average helmet - Helmets that don’t look like a spaceship landed on your head
  3. The spawn of satin? - eMTBs - the spawn of satin or just good fun? From Dirt magazine with Eddie Masters?
  4. Less Car More Go Trailer #1 - Trailer #1 for Liz Cannings upcoming Cargo bike documentary
  5. Less Car More Go Trailer #2 - Trailer #1 for Liz Cannings upcoming Cargo bike documentary
  6. MTB Flow Video - Not an eMTB but one of the best MTB rides I have seen - all in one take!

  7. Cycling Without Age - A new program spreading around the world that promotes e-Rickshaw rides for seniors

  8. 9 Embarrassing Bike Buying Questions Answered - This fun article actually answers many of the important buying question for eBikes and conventional bikes. Remember, there are no embarrassing or stupid questions - we have heard them all.

Organizations and companies we support:

  1. People for Bikes - People for Bikes is the premier advocate for bicycling
  2. Rails to Trails - Turning old train track routes into trails in the USA
  3. LEVA - Light Electric Vehicle supports all electric transportation. Also provides eBike training for professionals.
  4. Electric Bike Expo - Electric Bike Expo is bringing eBikes to 10 cities in the USA in 2016 including a custom "Circuit" test track and over 100 eBikes to ride. Don't miss the Expo April 22 - 24 in Palo Alto. We will be there to help. Also check out the Pete Prebus Interbike Circuit Interview by Court Rye at Interbike 2015.
  5. Less Car More Go - Less Car more Go, Liz Cannings site on the eCargo bike revolution
  6. Ride 2 Recovery - Ride 2 Recovery builds truly exceptional custom bikes for disabled veterans
  7. Sierra Nevada Beer - This may seem like a strange one but bikers love beer and Sierra Nevada loves bikers. Major sponser at both Sea Otter and Interbike. Have one on us (LOL)!