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eBike Benefits

eBike Benefits

There are multiple benefits to eBiking but most of all, it is just fun! I have never had a customer try an eBike for the first time and not come back with a great big smile. Besides bringing the fun back to biking there are several other recognized benefits.

  • Mental health - Shed the Monster  Get out on the road on your bike and get to the market refreshed and not sweaty. 
  • Physical health - Most people who have never ridden an eBike think that eBikers don't get exercise. The opposite is actually true. Studies show that most people who buy an eBike actual ride more often, more miles and get more exercise.
  • Economic benefits - eBikes typically get about 1,000 MPGe. We see people going car lite or even car free saving on gas, insurance, maintenance and repairs. Sometimes the savings actually pays for the eBike in a relatively short period of time.
  • Environmental benefits - Riding your eBike vs. driving your car helps reduce greenhouse gases, reduce impact on our roads and helps reduce dependence on foreign oil.
  • Community benefits - Getting outdoors and out of your car puts you closer to your community. You will meet and connect with more people. Today people get in their car in their garage, drive to work and return to home directly into their garage - no connection with their neighbors. eBikes can change this.
  • The great equalizer – Did you ever want to ride with a hard core bike rider(s)? Now you can and you will all enjoy your ride!
  • Family benefits - The new cargo bikes like our Yuba Spicy Curry allow families to get out together doing an activity that everyone in the family loves. Yuba accessories like the Yepp integrated child seats, Monkey bars, Stoker bar kits and sideboards make family rides easy and safe.
  • Commuting benefits – Now you can ride to work on your new eBike and arrive refreshed and not sweaty. Take the safest route because adding a few miles to your commute is not a problem with an eBike. Many times commuting by eBike is as fast or faster than by car since there are no traffic jams. For a good article on this subject see the article from on Commuting to work by bike
  • Commercial benefits – We see a new trend in eBikes, especially the various types of cargo bikes. More and more businesses and municipalities are using eBikes for delivery or other fleet purposes. Germany recently put 6,000 eBikes into service in their postal division. Fedex and UPS are starting to utilize eBikes and many small businesses are finding the advantages of commercial use of eBikes. Yuba accessories like Truck Bed, 2-Go Cargo Bags, the Stand Alone Two Leg Kickstand and the Bread Basket make transporting goods a snap.

  • What the CDC says about bicycle riding and exercising - Don't take it from us - The CDC states that bicycling is a great form of exercising and lists many benefits. Some of these are that ridind a bicycle prevents disease, manages stress, reduces the risk of dimencia, improves life expectancy, improves stamina, helps maintain a healthy weight, improves balance, improves cognitive function, helps prevent diabetes and boosts the immune system. 

  • Why we don't exercise - The CDC states that about 36% of adults don't engage in any liesure time physical activity. They go on to state the reasons people give for not exercising: "I don't have time", "it isn't fun", "I tried but I keep quitting", "I don't know how to exercise", "I can't stay motivated" and "I can't stick to an exercise routine". Commuting by eBike or just riding an eBike helps eliminate most of these obstacles.  

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