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Feature Items

  • BodyFloat Aluminum Seat Isolation System

    Bodyfloat is simply the most effective system ever designed to isolate your body from vibrations caused by terrain as well as pedal induced bounce. By allowing you to… [more]

  • Kalkhoff Agattu Impulse 7 - 2016

    A German made, German engineered e-bike from a 100 year old German bicycle company, with shift sensor technology, magneto lighting, premium rack and fenders at this… [more]

  • Coros Linx Bone Conduction Blue Tooth Helmets

    Voted 2016 Outside Gear of the year Interbike 2016!! The Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet enables riders to wirelessly connect t to their smartphone. With Coros LINX, you… [more]

  • IZIP E3 Dash - 2015

    From leisurely cruises to "I need to get there now!", hop on IZIP's Dash and make that trip a joy. Featuring a motor hidden in the rear wheel, this zippy electric bike… [more]

  • IZIP E3 Dash - 2016

    From leisurely cruises to "I need to get there now!", hop on IZIP's E3 Dash and make that trip a joy. The E3 Dash’s sleek styling and fast 28mph top speed Currie… [more]

  • Raleigh Tristar iE - 2017

    Raleigh's Tristar iE sports all of the functions and features of the Tristar series but with the welcome addition of a powerful electric assist! No more worrying about… [more]


Your IZIP, Focus, Kalkhoff and Gazelle eBike Headquarters and MORE!

Welcome to Our Website

At Winchester eBikes we specialize in IZIP  electric assist bicycles. If you are in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz or Monterey Counties please visit our Campbell area store to see one of the most complete selections of IZIP models in the California. We can help you find your ideal bike at a price that we guarantee will match or beat any offer on the internet or at any other store. At Winchester we love bicycling and we want to help more people to find or rediscover the joy of cycling.

Why do we specialize in IZIP? As an IZIP specialist we can carry more models and be more informed on the complete line-up of this brand. In fact if you are looking for an IZIP model, we stock every currently available 2016 model as well as most 2015 models at close-out pricing. Also, as new models and accessories become available we are usually one of the first to have them. You will find that most IBD’s (independent bicycle stores) carry only a few eBikes if any at all and although some eIBD’s (independent electric bicycle stores) carry more eBikes, they may carry as many as 20 brands and will not have the assortment of IZIP models that we carry.

Why IZIP? We have found that this line has some of the most advanced eBikes on the market. IZIP has eBikes with onboard diagnostics, cruise control, ambient light sensors and in the case of new 2016 IZIP Protour and Vibe+ models they even have CAN bus technology that allows for computer diagnostics and software upgradeability. Besides being technically advanced, IZIP eBikes have an unparalleled support system for their dealers and customers. Things like on-line TSB’s (technical service bulletins), illustrated repair and installation procedures, owner’s manuals, operation guides, specification and care guides. Try to find all this in another brand!

Why do we carry Kalkhoff, Focus and Gazelle e-bikes? PON Holdings BV is a Dutch conglomerate in the transportation sector with it's roots dating back to 1895. They are the importer of Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi and Catipillar in the Netherlands. They also own the Derby Cycle (Kalkhoff, Focus, Santa Cruz, Cervélo) as well as Gazelle of the Netherlands making them one of the largest bicycle companies in Europe.

Kalkhoff, Focus and Gazelle believe in servicing their customer at and through brick and mortar bicycle dealers only. We are authorized to sell Focus, Kalkhoff and Gazelle Bicycles to walk-in customers only. No email, postal mail or phone order are permitted. Local inquiries only, please. This policy insures that the end user receives a bicycle that is properly assembled and adjusted and will be serviced by trained technicians who have the proper equipment to service the mechanical and electrical systems of their bikes.  Thank you for  your understanding.

Kalkhoff - The Perfect Trekking/Commuter Bikes

Kalkhoff Brand History
Innovations of tomorrow, on the road today. Kalkhoff is the leader in premium commuter electric bikes with unparalleled technology and performance capabilities. In 1919, the 16-year-old rural postman Heinrich Kalkhoff founded the Kalkhoff company in his family home in Cloppenburg. For 95 years Kalkhoff bikes have been designed and manufactured in Germany with seamless integration.
It is this combination of traditional values and modern technology that enables Kalkhoff to offer everyone the perfect bike. Powered by the Impulse mid-drive, Kalkhoff unites style and function whether enjoying weekend rides, commuting or running errands. The Impulse drive system is best in class with shift-sensor technology, industry leading torque, bluetooth capable onboard navigation and a range of up to 127 miles on one charge. Electrify your urban adventures with Kalkhoff’s premium specs, robust quality and innovative designs. Just out!! - The Kalkhoff Integrale has been nominated for eBike of the year for Interbike 2016 this September..

Gazelle Brand History
As long ago as 1892, Gazelle was already making the finest quality bicycles, providing the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible. Gazelle bikes are made in The Netherlands and are a symbol of the classic Dutch style, receiving the royal seal as a testament to their heritage of excellence. Gazelle electric bikes are designed for urban life, complete with bike locks, scratch resistant paint, and detachable displays. Powered by a Bosch mid-drive, this system offers high-performance support from flat to steep, from asphalt to trail so you can tackle any terrain. The large battery capacity gives riders a range of over 80 miles on one charge, while the use of high-grade components gives you the assurance of the best quality. So, go ahead, enjoy the open air, feel the wind in your hair, and clear your head: Gazelle makes you feel like cycling!

Focus - Premium eMTBs with Extended Range

Focus Brand History
Focus electric mountain bikes embrace the mantra: passion, performance, perfection. Designed and manufactured in Germany, Focus electric is born of a passion for cycling. From the beginning, Focus has been synonymous with quality, evident in multiple stage wins of the Tour de France and boasting the USA Cyclocross National Champion. The electric offering continues this legacy with real mountain bike geometries, premium specs and powerful drive systems for the ultimate riding experience. Powered by the Impulse mid-drive, Focus ebikes offer industry leading range of up to 127 miles on one charge, exclusive climb assist, shift-sensor technology and bluetooth capable onboard navigation. Whether you find yourself exploring new trails, setting out on a long distance adventure, or on your regular post-work ride, Focus premium electric mountain bikes will ensure you find your peak.

Why do we carry eJOE eBikes?  E-Joe's claim to fame is "An eBike for the Average Joe!" The Epik SE is a very feature rich folding bike at a great price and new for 2017 with industry sector leading 36V, 13Ah battery. If you are looking at any other folding bike, please contact us so we can do a comparison to the Epik SE. I know you will be pleased. Although not a mega company like Accell (IZIP) or PON Holdings (Kalkhoff, Focus, Gazelle), eJOE has been in operation since 2008 and is based out of San Diego, California.

How can we help? We pride ourselves in providing our customers with full comparisons of our models vs. almost any other eBike available in the United States and we will spend as much time with you and share as much information as you want in order for you to make an informed eBike buying decision. We can do all the legwork for you or we have the resources for you to do your own research on our site. Please visit our  eBike Links for manufacturers links and some fun and informative links. Visit our eBike Knowledge tab for FAQ and a more in depth study on our eBikes 101 page. Interested in a particular bike, click on the bike and the specifications tab for specs or the video image for reviews. Finally if you want more, visit our comparisons page page which will have more side by side comparisons as we go. You will find that our Kalkhoff comparison page is more comprehensive than anywhere on the internet including the manufacturer's website. Also please use the IZIP site tool for comparing all years of IZIP eBikes or the Electric Bike Review site tool for comparing most eBikes available in the USA today. We want to answer any of your questions so just give Jim or Steve a call at 408-866-1222 or visit our contact page and drop us an email.

See what our customers say about us on Yelp:

“Best place in the bay area to buy an e-bike. First impression is that it does not look like any bike store, but boy am I happy I stopped by. The owner Steve is very passionate and he has tried out every bike that he sells. Jim is also a great, knowledgeable and helpful person. I tested most of the bikes and got to do a longer trial with one of the bikes. It took me a while and I like to get educated before making a bigger purchase. I got emailed lots of information and links to independent product reviews. I know for a fact that without the excellent service I would have purchased the wrong bike. I'm so pleasantly surprised that there are people that still believe in that good service will bring them more business and an educated customer is a returning customer. If you ever get tiered of selling e-bikes and parts you can always start educating other businesses how to treat customers and keep loving what you do!”

Our Team

Steve Jim Bryan
eBike Consultant eBike Manager / Head Tech Operations / Web UI
Bosch Certification Bosch Certification Bosch Certification

Today's Tip

Teach Your Kids To Baby Their Helmets - It's important to remind your children to treat their helmets with respect. Because, if they abuse them by dropping them, banging them into things, and kicking them (we've seen it all), the lids won't offer total protection in an accident. What happens? These impacts reduce safety by weakening materials inside the helmet. And the tricky thing is, that the damage isn't obvious. The helmet can look as good as new but it's been compromised. This won't happen if you get your children to handle their lids with kid gloves.

Demo Deals!

These lightly used demo bikes are available today and carry the full manufacturer's warranty!

Kalkhoff Integrale S11 DEMO Bike - 2016

ONE ONLY! Low Mileage Demo Bike Kalkhoff's Integrale S11 dissolves… [more]

Yuba Spicy Curry DEMO - 2015

Low mileage DEMO - 1 ONLY!! This bike comes fully loaded with Bread… [more]


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